Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Twitter and Roundteam

Roundteam – simplifying your retweets.

Sounds basic. Perhaps unnecessary. Depends how many people you follow and what kind of retweeting you do!

Roundteam has allowed me to easily support the people I want to even if they’re in different timezones or if their tweets are lost in the noise of one’s timeline.

I participate in #MondayBlogs, but because I’m in Australia many of the blogs are posted while I’m sleeping and trying to catch up after I wake is both a nightmare and impossible. Roundteam allows me to effortlessly support #MondayBlogs. It also allows me to support those indie authors I adore.

Roundteam allows you to use filters to set parameters around what you retweet. You can choose to simply tweet everything with a certain hashtag from all your followers, or everything from a certain list, or a hashtag from a certain list, and more. You can limit it to exclude conversations, or too many mentions, and so on. I already participate in Triberr, so I don’t want to be retweeting posts I have already tweeted once through Triberr, so I have my filters set to exclude those posts.  

It takes a bit of adjusting to get it right, and I recommend setting intervals for retweets and capping the number of hourly retweets so you don't flood your stream. You can even exclude retweeting tweets that are themselves retweets.

Got enough retweets for one post? 

If you think this could be useful for you, check Roundteam out. There is a free and a premium version, with the free version simply requiring you to tweet a promo tweet for Roundteam once daily. Go on - support someone by retweeting.

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