Sunday, 16 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #2

Another excerpt from my novel 'Deathhawk's Betrayal'. I've just sent the entire manuscript off to the Unpublished Manuscript Competition with Writing Australia. Wish me luck! 
In the meantime, enjoy!
Aldenon’s hand groped until it found the knife strapped to Astarl’s leg and pressed it into her hand. Her fingers refused to close around the hilt and the knife fell back to the floor. She jerked her hand away as if burned.
‘You can.’ He caught her hand back, kissing her fingertips. ‘It will be just like every other time.’

You can find more Six Sentence Sunday writers here.


Cara Michaels said...

Oh, very curious. Good 6. I want to know why she struggles to make herself take the knife. :)

Good luck with the competition! 


Krystal Wade said...

I would definitely like to know what's going on here. Can't wait for more. :-)

Angela Guillaume said...

What does he want her to do with the knife? I'm intrigued. Great six!

Ciara Ballintyne said...

Glad everyone is intrigued! I was hoping it might be.

Vivien Dean said...

So curious for more! Well done!

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