Monday, 13 October 2014

What If Gilderoy Lockhart from HARRY POTTER Was An Evil Genius?

Sometimes characters are inspired by something or someone, and sometimes a resemblance is pure coincidence.

I’ve blogged previously about how the hero of the Seven Circles of Hell series, Alloran, was inspired by the character Monk Markham in K.E. Mills’ Rogue Agent series. Monk is always pushing boundaries - and gets away with it. So I said what if he didn’t? And that was poor Alloran’s sorry origin.

His nemesis, Ladanyon, is a little different. Nobody inspired him as such – he just sprang into being from my brain.

But ever since he did, he has always reminded me of Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter. Not the incompetence, and not his bumbling nature.

No, Ladanyon has that same smile Lockhart is so famous for (with a similar effect on the ladies) and he has the same huge ego.

Ladanyon - Artwork by Worlds Beyond Art

What he’s got that Lockhart doesn’t have is what makes him truly frightening. Ladanyon is not merely competent at what he does, he’s excellent, and what he does is research. Finding new magic and new ways to do things. In fact, he’s second to none except Alloran. Which is kind of the problem...

Because – ego! Ego does not like to be second to anyone. Ladanyon’s ego can’t even accept the limelight knowing that someone else could steal it from him merely by raising a hand.

Yes, Ladanyon is what you get if you take Gilderoy Lockhart and add one part brilliance and one part evil.

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