Monday, 29 September 2014

Celebrate my Website Launch with a FREE Novella

Stop by to check out my newly rebuilt, redesigned and rebranded website and you can receive my high fantasy novella Confronting the Demon free – for a limited time only! All you have to do is sign-up to the newsletter and the .mobi and .epub formats will be delivered to your email.

Next stop – blog integration! As you can see, the blog hasn’t changed yet. I run the blog on Blogger, but now the website is powered by WordPress I can migrate the blog over and properly host it on the website. That, however, is another big job and should probably wait until after the release of Stalking the Demon.

If you don’t fancy signing up to the newsletter (I respect not everyone may want to) consider buying instead the Three Realms boxset. For the price of $0.99 you essentially get Confronting the Demon for half-price, making award-winning The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich and YA epic fantasy The Shadows of the Realm by Dionne Lister completely FREE.  Don’t miss this opportunity – on sale for a short time before returning to the full price of $4.99. 

If you like the new website design, please do share it via social media with the sharing buttons on the right hand side. 

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