Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday Morsel: Challenge - An excerpt from fantasy novel In the Company of the Dead

Welcome to the Monday Morsel feature, where I share short extracts from the first draft of my adult epic fantasy/fantasy romance, In the Company of the Dead.

* * *

Aharris glanced at the soldiers. ‘They’re afraid. Afraid of you, of your power. Of death. Every wise soldier fears death, because he knows she is coming for her. He doesn’t wish to hasten that day.’
She sniffed. He didn’t fear her, except when he remembered he should. She’d reminded him now, though – tension thrummed in every line of his body, and the anger poured off him in waves. ‘They are fools.’
‘Is it foolish to fear the unknown? If it engenders caution, one could argue it is wisdom.’
Philosophy. She was in no mood for it. She wanted to shout at him: But I am so lonely! More so, since they’d argued, and anger ignited at the thought. Instead, she stilled her features, hoping the bleak heartache didn’t show in her eyes. What I feel isn’t important, so long as the goddess is served. And somewhere further in the depths of her mind, a tiny voice protested. But why me?
‘Spar with me,’ she said, unable to temper the aggression in the sudden challenge.

* * *

Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget, this is a first draft, and as such won't be perfect. If you like what you read, and are so inclined, show your support by leaving a comment, and In the Company of the Dead will be available in the future. I aim to have the first draft finished by the end of April. If you'd like to sample more of my writing, check out my novella Confronting the Demon.

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More about In the Company of the Dead:

Lyram already crossed a prince, and now he finds himself on the brink of crossing a god.

Son of a duke and second in line for the throne, Lyram is exiled to a lonely castle after assaulting the crown prince. When a hostile army arrives to besiege the castle, he believes the prince wants him removed – permanently.

As though answering their prayers, Ellaeva, the Battle Priestess of the death goddess, arrives unexpectedly. But she has not come to break the siege. Instead, she is in pursuit of a necromancer of the evil god of decay. When misfortune after misfortune befalls the beleaguered defenders, Lyram realises the necromancer is hidden within the walls, sabotaging the very defence.

Against the backdrop of clashing gods, Lyram must fight to save himself from the political machinations of his prince, and the dread plans of a necromancer. But as the siege lengthens, he realises the greatest threat may come from another quarter — a woman sworn body and soul to a god tempts him to pay a terrible price.

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