Monday, 25 August 2014

Stalking the Demon: Cover Reveal

It’s all happening – Stalking the Demon is back from first-round edits and I’ve worked through one third of those, and the cover art is all finished. 

The bad news is I can’t possibly finish all these edits in time for an end of August release as planned, so the release date will have to be pushed back to mid- to late-September (I almost wrote December – that wouldn’t have made anyone happy!). 

I am sorry – this is my fault for muddling up the first four drafts so badly so that the plot still needs smoothing to be believable. However, I won’t release a sub-standard product.

To make up for that disappointing news, here is the paperback cover art (without text) done by Lydia Kurnia and Isaiah of Worlds Beyond Art

And the ebook art - with text.

About Stalking the Demon 

Alloran lost his hand to thwart his renegade friend–but the world is still going to hell. 

Six months after Ladanyon's defeat, Gisayne is fading away from a baffling illness. Alloran is desperate for a cure, but he has a secret–the seven circles of hell are unstable. His worst fear is that the terrible mirror spell cast upon Gisayne has wrought some connection between her and the demon dimensions.

As everything Alloran loves races toward destruction, he does the unthinkable and refuses to obey the council of wizards. The only people who can help him are the two research assistants assigned by the council–but he knows he can't trust them.

All the answers are locked away in the last place anyone wants to go: hell. 

The usual Monday Morsel feature will return next Monday! 

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A M Guynes-Annikka Woods said...

Beautiful cover. This looks amazing.

Ciara Ballintyne said...

Thanks! I am very pleased how it came out.

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