Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Website Revamp Poll – Which Design Do You Like?

So I am seriously considering switching my static website with redirected Blogger blog hosted on a sub-domain to a fully integrated Wordpress site that does both. Yes, I am aware of the technical challenges involved, and I am coming to grips with that, as well as the likely time investment that will be required. What I want your input on is website design!

So here are the three designs I’m considering – which do you like best? Click the pictures to see the live demo of each theme.

RocketTheme Voxel


Elegant Themes TheSource


RocketTheme Metropolis


Both the RocketTheme designs have multiple pre-set colour schemes and options. TheSource offers four different colour schemes.

I need something that, at a minimum, allows me to attractively showcase on the front page:

  • My latest release;
  • About the author;
  • Latest blog posts; and
  • About my Monday Morsel series.

I tell you what, after browsing a whole bunch of themes, I have to say that the themes designed for gaming are so much more attractive than those designed for books. Why, pray tell, do book sites need to look stodgy and boring?

Given that many SF readers are also gamers (or have been at one time or another) I’m thinking the style and format designed to appeal to gamers is a better bet than the boring book designs. Hell, I was only ever an intermittent gamer and even I think the book designs are enough to put you to sleep.

Hello Wordpress designers – how about you build us some themes with book functionality that look as cool as the gamer sites?

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Ben Ditmars said...

I agree. It's very important to read beyond the headlines.

Ciara Ballintyne said...

Thanks Ben :-)

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