Monday, 14 January 2013

The Nuance In the Name

I recently guest posted for @abhinavjain87 on the importance of character names, particularly in a fantasy context, although not exclusively.

What makes a good name? Does it really matter what you call characters? Will readers care all that much?

For answers to these questions, and others, stop on over to read the full post here. You can also see some examples of my names and what they mean to me, and tell me if they evoke similar imagery and feelings for you. What did you call your characters, and do you feel they 'fit'?

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D.C. said...

Hey Ciara, I've nominated you for a couple of awards! http://dcmcmillen.com/2013/01/23/you-like-me-you-really-like-me-or-something-like-that/

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